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  In these challenging times it is important to develop a plan B or start your own business so that you have something to fall back on or shift to in case your income changes. Selling on Ebay, starting a coaching business or a local blog for your community are all ways you could generate some income.


Should you build your own website?

That is a question that is often asked. In these times of more time than money many people are choosing to build their own website. What is the difference between building your own website and hiring someone else.
Building the website and website files, there is not much difference. The difference begins with the copy on the website and what the search engines think of it. There the difference begins. As someone that has spent many thousands of hours building websites and working with every aspect of search engines and online marketing. I can tell you that the learning curve is steep unless you have enough money to just throw at the PPC programs. You will be much better off to spend your time doing the business you are in than learning the right and wrongs of online business including the PPC programs.
If you want to save some money! Then go ahead and build your website, which will get you 40% there as far as having a viable Internet presence, THEN Hire us with our SEO package and let us get you to the 90% there. Click here for more info. Of course because of competition we will not put on this page everything we do but you can get an immediate refund before we start if you do not like the outline of what we do that will be sent to you immediately upon payment. But, I will tell you that everything on the web will be included and set up for you so you can run it all yourself after we get it all up to speed for you. We will save you many hundreds of hours of work and put you in a position to play with the best on the web.
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